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CLOSED for WINTER 2017-18.
The shop has moved out of the friendly market location. We will be looking for a new location in the next few months.
It has been a tremendous pleasure serving so many wonderful people. We enjoy making award winning ice cream and look forward to what the future brings in Northern Kentucky.

The Colonel’s Creamery makes super premium robust flavors of American ice cream. New innovative (sometimes exotic) flavors are introduced regularly along with excellent flavors you would expect. Come taste the All Star fun. Many say it is the best ice cream they have ever experienced.

Colonel Don Lambert


  • National Award Winning 

    • 2013 – Iron Scoop Award, Ice Cream Innovation Competition

    • 2014 – National Ice Cream Retailers Association

      • Blue Ribbon 1st Prize, Winner’s Circle Dutch Chocolate

      • Red Ribbon 2nd Prize, Dark Chocolate

      • Red Ribbon 2nd Prize, Signature Vanilla

    • 2015 – National Ice Cream Retailers Association

      • Red Ribbon 2nd Prize, Fresh Kentucky Strawberry

      • Red Ribbon 2nd Prize, Signature Vanilla

      • Honorable Mention, Best New Flavor of The Year, The Colonel’s Camel Ride Turkish Coffee Toffee

    • 2016 – National Ice Cream Retailers Association

      • Red Ribbon 2nd Prize, Signature Vanilla

      • Red Ribbon 2nd Prize, Natural Vanilla

      • Red Ribbon 2nd Prize, Winner’s Circle Dutch Chocolate

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  • Products

    • Super Premium, Hand-Crafted Ice Cream made in The Friendly Market.

    • Featuring Signature and specialty innovative flavors.

    • Individual servings:

      • Scoops in Waffle Cones made in-house. Plus cake cones, sugar cones and cups.

      • Sundaes with your choice of toppings.

    • Shakes & Malts made with our ice cream flavors or your choice of syrups.

    • Floats – Made with special techniques used by the old time soda jerks.

    • Real Fruit Smoothies.  

    • Frappe Cafe – Made the original way with coffee, ice cream and specialty flavors.

The Colonel’s Creamery

PO Box 75011, Fort Thomas, KY 41075

(513) 235-4015

Hours of Operation: CLOSED for WINTER 2017-18

  • Tu- Thurs  11:30a-6p
  • Friday       11:30a-7p
  • Saturday   11:30a-7p
  • Sunday     11a-4p
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