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Colonel Don Lambert



Thank you for your friendship, loyalty and patronage.  Many of you exclaimed ours was the best ice cream you ever had.  You were the best customers and friends (including excellent employees) a small business owner could hope for.

In October 2017 we closed expecting to come back in a new location and pick up from where we left off.  Partly we closed because of health/heart issues.  I thought after stents were put in to open up a couple of arteries, I would bounce back.  Energy and stamina did not return as hoped.

In April of 2018 I went back in for stents to open up additional blockages. While in recovery, I had a full cardiac arrest…everything shut down. I was revived with CPR by the attending medical team.  I have done cardiac rehab and continue to walk regularly, but it finally has become evident there is no way I can return to the rigors of day to day business operation of our ice cream shop. Over the past few months most of the equipment is now sold.

On the best note, my wife and I celebrate 43 years of marriage.  Thanks to God and His mercy we are still married and counting.  The greatest news is that I am saved by Jesus and one day, not this day, will be in heaven with Him.

THANK YOU ALL so much for your kindness and friendship!

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The Colonel’s Creamery

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